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What Was and What Is..What Will Be?
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My Marathon Story
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Lisa Reveland said: (on Apr 17, 2009)
Yeah, I like this wayy better than Facebook! I just can't wait for this summer and take pictures!
Lisa Reveland said: (on Apr 17, 2009)
Hey! Yeah I want to do photography and post up of my paintings and drawings here!
Sacha Hanigan said: (on Mar 18, 2009)
Sorry, hit 'enter' before I was ready! I meant to say I like your "Jump" picture... makes me smile and think of great friends and freedom =)
Sacha Hanigan said: (on Mar 18, 2009)
Hi Jessica! You asked about how I took the moon pic... sort of by accident really. We've got a digital SLR with a good zoom so I just zoomed in as far as I could without fuzzing it up and it worked! Really like the "Jump" picture too
Brad Wolfe said: (on Feb 16, 2009)
good use of "the" before COHO...your note made me happy
Karis Findlan said: (on Dec 4, 2008)
i actually work inside - i'm in R&D for a generic pharmaceutical company - but these plants are all around our parking lot!
Lana Barkhordarian said: (on Nov 10, 2008)
my 50k was a crazy adventure that i might do again one day .. just not anytime soon. next time i'll try to train for it better!
Amanda Thiessen said: (on Nov 4, 2008)
Hey Jess, love the poem. I think it's one of your best. Very thoughtful and moving. Mand
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